Beginner Chords

Here is a selection of chords used in many songs.  If you are reading this in emuso, you can click on a chord to hear it, edit it, relocate it, or save it to your favourites.  The chord appears on emuso’s virtual guitar, which you switch over onto piano and other instruments. You can also put together a short piece of music using these chords. If you want to do that, then this is explained in the section “Experimenting with a chord progressions” that follows after the chord images.


The chords

C                                       A                                     G

E                                      D                                     Fmaj7(9)

E-                                    A-                                    D-

C7                                   A7                                   G7

E7                                    D7


Experimenting with a chord progression

If you want to experiment hearing these chords in a chord progression, click on the next button.


This loads up a track with one empty part  into emuso’s  Rhythm-X, which will look like the next image.  Press the “Refine Part(s)” button


You’ll see the “Refine Part(s) toolbar, which looks like the next image.

Press the “Chord” button, which will turn light grey, meaning it’s now waiting for you to click on any of rectangles in the empty part, and the current contents of the “guitar” are put into the part  where you clicked.  Choose whatever chord(s) you want, and click where you want it to go in the part.   When you’re done, press “Back” at the left of the toolbar, to revert the the main toolbar shown above, and press  “Start”.


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