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Strengthen your internal sense of time

Quickly create your own practice routines for anywhere on the guitar

Practice real slow or crazy fast

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Unlock the music inside you

Truly understand chord and scale construction and harmony

“See” how modes work. Literally!

Have chords, arpeggios, scale patterns at your command anywhere on the neck

much more musical freedom on guitar

Drastically develop your ear

Work out melodies and solos faster

Know what you’re hearing

Connect you ears with your hands  Notice the difference

Improvise better as a result


Make a really solid impression

Master rhythm and  you will:

Lock tight with your band and play with better time feel

Solo much more imaginatively

Develop many more musical ideas


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Excellent! Really dig the reframing of theory as something to paint sounds with rather than as something that’s limiting. Aays
We've found emuso to be a real game changer with our students on the way how harmony and rhythm work together without having to use notation. Emuso really helps our students understand how to explore chord structures and rhythms. We heartily recommend this program to all of our students. Jon Eno, CEO Hot House Music School
This is banging, I think I have come closer to being a musician in the last week or so, then I have in the last two years. I am sure I am even playing better, I am definitely looking for more expectations and honing in on the notes that work. Dale Jeffrey
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