Version 3 pre-release trial



Pre-release trial of emuso/PracticeSuite v3.

Thank you very much for taking this trial!  The goals for this trial are to determine how easy it is to use emuso, how engaging the experience is, and to get feedback on any difficulties encountered. You will have been sent an email from wetransfer.com with a download link for the v3 pre-release version .  (At the bottom of this post, you will see a link “START YOUR FREE TRIAL”.  The link is for the publicly available trial of the currently shipping version of emuso, v2.  Ignore that link please!!)

When you first launch the trial you will be prompted to enter your trial license.  Type it in the box and click “Activate”.

You will then see the following.  The main pane contains emuso’s interactive instruments, and the left hand column contains emuso’s Toolkit.

I’m not going give any further details.  Hopefully there is enough built in help.


Cloud-based content

Although not the focus of the trial, emuso also comes with an interactive content viewer.  The content is cloud-based, and has a mix of theory lessons, a few technique pactices, and blog.  This can also be viewed in a browser, like Safari or Edge or Firefox.  However, no interactivity is available then. This content includes “quick start guides” that give detailed interactive instructions on using emuso, such as building a tune from almost nothing to had a melody, chord progression, bass, and drums.  But initially we’d like you to not investigate these.  Moreover, these quick start guides need minor changes to reflect this new user interface.  Additionally, help videos need updating for the same reason.

An icon is provided to give access.  Again, I’m not providing any help to find it!

Here is an example.


Free permanent license and updates for v3

Provided we get detailed feedback during the trial, and ideally, a zoom session with you at the end of the trial, you will be given a permanent license for version 3,  that you can use with the trial version.

We will provide you with a unique promo code, which you use to “buy” emuso.  The promo code carries a 100% discount, so no credit card is need.  On completing the “purchase”, you will receive the permanent license.  You can ignore the download, and just enter the license into emuso once the trial expires after 14 days.  When v3 is released, we will send you a download link.


Known bugs

If your system’s sound interface is external, and started after emuso is started, there is a significant latency between pressing play to hear a scale, say, and the sound being generated.  The graphics happens immediately, not the sound.  Please restart emuso, and the latency will go away.  Still being investigated.

Undo doesn’t work properly with some layouts.  Fix is underway.


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