emuso FAQs

Have additional questions?

The emuso Support Center is designed to help answer additional questions you may have. We are always looking for ways to improve our efforts, so if you have a question that is not listed in our FAQs, chances are others have the same question. Please submit your question by forwarding it to us at and we will try and get it added to the list with 48 hours. Thank you for your time and support!

Buying process FAQ

How to download, install, activate, and register emuso

IMPORTANT: Please ensure your email address used for buying emuso is correct, before you click the BUY button on the buy page (  Otherwise you will not receive the details required to download emuso from our distributor, and the buy process will seem to hang for awhile.  If this happens, you will (not immediately) receive the license details from us, displayed via your browser.  But you will need to email to get the download link.

On successful purchase, you are emailed both from our distributor,, and from ourselves, (who make emuso), with your emuso license activation details. Paddle also provides a download link to the emuso installer (a .msi file). Emuso is around 130 MB. Some browsers may warn about this file, but Windows itself won’t, when executed to install emuso. This is because emuso has been digitally signed as Windows requires. The install process is quick.

After installing, on first launch of emuso, a license activation dialogue will appear where you enter the license activation key. You will need Internet access to activate the license. Once activated, the emuso toolkit can be used. You have to register, via the emuso application, where you choose a log-in password, and optionally provide us with some information about yourself. Once registered you can log-in either via the website, or via emuso, using your chosen password. This gives you access to emuso content, such as lessons and practice regimes. Doing so from the website will warn that the lesson’s emuso interactions (tests, tasks etc) are unavailble, but you can stil choose to view the content in your browser. Doing so from emuso brings you the full experience.

Here is a short video covering this overall process.

Standard FAQs

System requirements

The following are the system requirements for using emuso/Studio

  • 64-bit Windows 10 PC (Windows 7 / 8.x do run, but not supported).
  • Minimum CPU:  Intel Core i series or AMD Ryzen multi-core
  • Recommended CPU:  64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core processor (Intel i5 or faster recommended)
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended)
  • 2 GB free hard disk space
  • Display resolution: 1440 x 900 minimum.  1920 x 1080 recommended
  • Internet connection:  Not required for using emuso Toolkit.  Required for
    • emuso download
    • license activation
    • emuso registration
    • emuso login to access lessons
    • practice regimes
    • emusoBooks
    • on-demand help videos

What is emuso™?

Emuso is a set of tools and interactive content as a musician’s ultimate help system. The tools are built into the emuso software platform, along with a content player.   It is designed for all musicians and teachers who want to elevate their musical talents and understanding of music through reference, practice, experimentation, and improvisation.  Emuso focuses on four functional areas learning, practising, exploring and teaching.

How do I obtain a copy of emuso™?

While on the emuso website ( click on the BUY button.  It will walk you through the process.

Please ensure you look at the Buying process FAQ as well.

How old do I have to be to buy a copy online?

Minimum age to buy online is 16 years old, with a parent’s consent.    If you are over 18, parent or guardian consent is not required.

Can I trial emuso before I buy it?

No, but there is a lot of information and videos on the website explaining how emuso works and what it can be used for.   The cost is relatively low.  Purchase Now!

What does Version 1.0 mean?

Version 1.0 means that the platform is functionally complete and stable.   We have moved out of our Beta trial and now offer the platform for commercial sale.    Our Beta trial was conducted in both the US and UK, for over 12 months, to help identify bugs and improvements to the user interface.  We still may bump into issues and we need to know about them asap, please provide your feedback on any bugs, problems, issues, or concerns.   Please email us at:

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and Wire Transfers (ACH, SEPA, BACS) through our online payment partner, Paddle.  Go to BUY page.

How do I get started with emuso™?

We provide a number of sources to help you get started.   Within emuso is a User Guide that includes emuso Basics, and Configure emuso.   We also have a number of lessons provided on the platform, under Lessons, that can help both beginners and experienced musicians.    A built-in help-system and functional videos are throughout the application to support your use of emuso.   But if you have some specific questions that our FAQs or Help-System could not answer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at:

How do I register with emuso?

Once you have activated your emuso license, then you can register with emuso. You choose your emuso login password during registration, and must use the same email address you used during purchase. This password can then be used to log-in from emuso to get access to lessons, emusobooks, practice regimes, and to comment on the blog. You can also log-in with your email and password via

Here is a video on how to register from the emuso application.

How do I recommend more content or specific lessons?

If you have a specific need, practice regime, or lesson you would like to see in our content or lesson section, send your request to:   Please be specific in your request regarding genre, instrument, and education level (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced).  We will try to find a solution and add it to our content creation schedule.   The schedule will be posted on our site and sent out via our digital newsletter.

What is your Return Policy?

When you download emuso software to your machine, you acknowledge that you are aware you waive your rights to cancel the transaction.  If the software is faulty, then you should email us at Provide the details of your purchase including your payment receipt, the transaction ID, date, and time. Please also include as much descriptive detail as possible on the fault you are experiencing. It is particularly important that you identify your operating system and correct version number. For more information, visit our Return Policy online.

What level of support do you provide?

Check out the Support page on our website.  For technical support, check out the help function once you have logged into emuso.   If you did not find an answer to your question, then please email us, at for your technical questions.   For marketing, channel, or partnership questions, please email us at   Thank you!

How can I spread the word about emuso™?

We have a number of ways you can support emuso.   First, on our website, you can leave a comment, photo, or video.   We are also on Facebook at: (facebook/emusomusic) and Twitter: (@emusomusic).  If you have a video, send it over and we will post it on our YouTube channel.  Email to:

How can I contact you?

There are a couple of ways to reach us.   If it is a technical or software issue, please contact us at  If it is a marketing, channel, or partnership opportunity, please contact us at

Want to become an emuso™ Champion?

There are a number of ways you can help spread the word about emuso™ to the world.   You can join our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn.  Re-post us on your favorite social media channels!