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We'll help you build your timing, technique, and phrasing on your instrument.

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About emuso™

Take your music to the next level

emuso™ takes you further!

Emuso software is intuitive. Not only does it let musicians start playing their musical ideas straight away it also aids more advanced players in developing their technique and aural skills. With emuso, any musician can unlock the secrets of melody, harmony, and rhythm and use them to go a bit further on that solo or improve on that great tune. Furthermore, it’s the best aid for teachers, saving them time and effort as they impart this knowledge.

Who’s it for?

emuso™ is for all instrumentalists and singers, all ages, all levels, whether you want to explore, learn, practice, or teach music.  But, emuso does not teach you how to play songs, note for note!  You learn the musical concepts used to put songs together.   This means you can explore improvisation and song creation, with less trial and error!

Which instruments is it for?

The following virtual instruments are used to teach musical concepts in emuso/Studio™:

  • 6-String Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Piano / Keyboard
  • Violin / Mandolin
  • Viola
  • Cello

With emuso™, you have a very powerful set of tools focused on helping you work on and develop your musical skills. Faster than you’d believe possible.

Now available, users can get started with Version 1.0 of emuso/Studio which is functionally complete and tested.  This version is available now for Windows 7 upwards.

Further emuso™ products will be commercially available in 2020.

What can it do?

With emuso™, you can:

  • See, hear and create music on a variety of interactive virtual instruments, including guitar and piano
  • Practice technique and download practice regimes
  • Learn to navigate stringed instruments and piano with fluency
  • Develop your aural and rhythmic skills
  • Master the essential building blocks of music (intervals) that underpin all chords, scales and melodies
  • Rapidly explore and understand chord construction and the choices available for improvising over rock, jazz and blues classics
  • Learn about rhythm, work on your phrasing and work on your timekeeping
  • Watch video lessons that interact with emuso to create musical concepts on virtual instruments for you to explore and test yourself
  • Read emuso-books that similarly interact with emuso
  • Capture musical ideas on a multi-track sketch pad
  • Translate musical content across virtual instruments with one key stroke

How does it work?

We demystify musical theory by using colour codes to represent musical intervals. These codes are shown both on a virtual instrument of your choice and also using a clock-based graphic.

This unique approach not only lets you see and hear how chords and scales relate but also how chords, melodies and rhythms work. What’s more, we will show you these in isolation and combined.

That’s not all though, at the touch of a button you can see what those same chords and scales look like on a different musical instrument (see supported instruments).   All of that means you do not have to start to learning musical notation before you can start playing and creating music.

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emuso in action

Music Theory

emuso is able to visually represent musical intervals. This helps you understand the relationship between: scales and chords, scales and scales, and chords and chords. Fundamentally, all music is about these relationships and when they occur in time. What is more, this is true regardless of the instrument being played. For this reason, we use a clock face to universally represent the 12 pitches (and their octaves) used in Western music. In other words, it doesn't matter what instrument you are playing, our unique visual notation system will demystify music theory once and for all!

emuso Products

Available Now


Our flagship product comes in the form of desktop software for musicians. It’s packed with tools and an interactive lesson player to empower your rapid musical growth. For instance, you can use it to create or download practice routines to improve your technique, rhythm, and timing. Most importantly, our unique interval-based approach demystifies music theory. You will see your understanding grow exponentially as your learning effort shrinks.

Our unique approach focuses on musical intervals. We have applied it throughout all our tools, interactive lessons, and video tips. It is an excellent way to develop instrument familiarity because it makes it much easier for you to memorise the scales and chords provided in emuso’s interactive reference library. Our lessons prove that music theory, using our approach, is simple to understand and apply.

Musicians will gain the confidence to jam with others.   Also, they will elevate their talents and expand their improvisation skills, resulting in deserved recognition and more gigs.   And finally, teachers will find ways to further motivate their students and demonstrate concepts with emuso’s tools.   That’s more return business and more engaged students!




What are you interested in?

Coming Soon!


For mobile devices!


This enhancement to emuso/Studio will give you the ability to import html text, audio, video, and MIDI-based content. As a consequence, you´ll be able to create lessons, collaborate and connect with your students.

In addition, you will be able to assign homework, share collaborations, and capture and receive tests, all within one platform. In short, you can teach music and create your own interactive content for students.  You can leverage emuso™ to build students’ competence and confidence – fast!


This space is designed for our emuso users to share, post, and obtain new content, tips, techniques, and lessons.

For instance you can use it to share your musical journey with peers or collaborate with experts. Above all, it’s the perfect place to establish a network of like-minded musicians.

If you are a teacher you can chose to become a Content provider and use emuso/Foundry as a marketplace.  Find out more about how your shared lessons can generate you revenue.

Don’t just believe us!

We've found emuso to be a real game changer with our students on the way how harmony and rhythm work together without having to use notation. Emuso really helps our students understand how to explore chord structures and rhythms. We heartily recommend this program to all of our students.

Jon Eno, CEO Hot House Music Schools

I have been receiving lessons from Jerry for sometime now, and before I really did struggle with learning as I have memory problems related to illness. With emuso, I have found it easy to learn even for me!

I understand the fundamentals I never thought I would get down, and it really is simple, I can’t recommend this enough whether you are a complete beginner or even have been playing for some time but wish to gain a greater understanding of the guitar.

Conan Middleton

This is banging, I think I have come closer to being a musician in the last week or so, then I have in the last two years. I am sure I am even playing better, I am definitely looking for more expectations and honing in on the notes that work. I am sure when I have this down and I put on a track I have studied and understand, my electric playing will be better. At this point, I am just mucking about with the acoustic and chords. A big thank you to Jerry Axemaster.

Dale Jeffrey

Excellent! Really dig the reframing of theory as something to paint sounds with rather than as something that’s limiting.


This is a brilliant lesson. It should be taught way before anything else in essence this should be the root of all lessons. This sums up what every musician is really trying to do in a brilliantly formatted and easy to interpret way. These are firsts to me as well and I have been trying to learn for two years. Learn all you want about "notes" but without this info you don't have a colour palette to work with. All of this without even barely mentioning musical jargon. You could make a song without even knowing a notes name if you read and understand this. 5 STARS, MUST READ! Jerry Kramskoy, Brilliant lesson, should be at the front of what everyone learns.


I have been playing guitar for 17 years, mostly self-taught, and had been struggling with moving patterns and chords around the fretboard. By using emuso I found that it helped to reveal the inherent simplicity of music. It breaks it down for you to practice and understand. With this simple and intuitive way of learning about music, you can quickly build musical confidence and establish a solid pool of musical knowledge from which to draw from. Emuso allowed me to move past my roadblocks and showed me the many ways to play a piece of music. I recommend this product to all musicians!

Ed Majewski

You have a very inspiring way to explain theory! I never have a lot of interest to theory because I didn´t understand what my teacher was talking about. It was like he was talking completely different language! Now when I read these lessons you´ve written I get excited to learn again, even when I don´t understand everything (because of my language barrier) it sets me to right mood and mindset to learn and study music again. It´s just an awesome feeling like I´d be sixteen and found a guitar for the very first time!

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