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the picking hand of a guitarist while is playing an electric guitar
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Your time is too precious to struggle learning guitar.

So we avoid music notation, and de-emphasise the use of note names. Instead, you learn  on interactive guitar (bass, piano) using intervals, and with visual rhythm tracks, whose melodic and harmonic content are presented on “on-instrument” during playback.

  • Greatly reduces what you have to remember
  • The intervals are always present (though notes can be labelled with note names)
  • Being interactive, you can very quickly see and change chords and scales, and see and hear the chords and pentatonics found in scales
  • The interactive content can create these and test you,  for example, to select the notes of a chord present in a scale shape.

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a blurred picture of an picking hand strumming an acoustic guitar

Focused practice with emuso’s tools is the answer.

Address fretboard skills and timing at the same time.  Play along with exercises and studies that you can create or download that run on emuso’s rhythm explorer tool, Rhythm-X.  For example, you can very quickly build an arpeggio sequence covering the neck, by selecting notes of an initial arpeggio from a scale shape, and loading that onto a rhythm track.  The arpeggio can then be transposed through the scale with one keyboard press, and loading that to the track. Then you can practice in time, or click on an arpeggio note in the track to see the shape.

  • Knowing where you are in a song or solo
  • Great timekeeping, and awareness of the beat
  • Accurate legato and picking of notes.

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Difficulties playing with others? Working out tunes?

Ear training is part of your answer.  Emuso comes with a powerful ear trainer.

  • Work out melodies and solos faster
  • Connect you ears with your hands and eyes
  • Work out what your hear in your head

Combined with interval-knowledge and their fretboard locations, you’ll leap ahead!

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No rhythm. No music. No audience. Fact.

Rhythm is not just strumming chords. It is music’s beating heart.

  • Rhythm connects you and your audience
  • Rhythm lets you solo much more imaginatively
  • Rhythm is essential in phrasing, writing, soloing, and singing

As well as using Rhythm-X for timing and technique, it is also used to learn from the basics to polyrhythms. You visually design the rhythm and editing it is very simple, and quick to do.  You can replace melodic content on the same rhythm, or copy the same melodic content onto a completely different rhythm.

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See what our community has to say

"I have checked out online lessons and always thought you don't get feedback so you don't learn much besides tabs. This format is absolutely amazing because you get interaction and feedback. You get to play with sounds, and one huge thing is the ability and ease to invert chords and turn them into a melody. This is honestly a new approach that I think will progress people that want to learn faster. I also play a little piano as well so the fact that you can do that as well is a huge plus. Additionally being able to read the how, when, and most importantly the why creates better musicians. This isn't teaching people to follow tabs it actually teaches how to be a musician which is ground breaking on many instruments. I really think you are onto something amazing that I have never seen before. Thank you so much!"

Tyler Paul with his electric guitar

Tyler Paul

Guitar Instructor

“We've found emuso to be a real game changer with our students on the way how harmony and rhythm work together without having to use notation. Emuso really helps our students understand how to explore chord structures and rhythms. We heartily recommend this program to all of our students.”

Jon Eno head shot

Jon Eno,

CEO Hot House Music School

“Why have I purchased emuso so quickly? Because I see immediately the value and this style of teaching is a match to me. It’s simple, but powerful tool for learning straight to the point. It’s easy to understand, fun and enjoyable to use and practice in real-time. Feeling as you do with a friend, one-on-one. Compared to other online sites for learning guitar, for me emuso is on top, providing more. It is a real journey, not boring, without the ability to cheat yourself. Thank you for the excellent work you are doing!”

Alek Alexandrou with an acoustic guitar

Alek Alexandrou


"When I started my guitar journey, everything I learnt was some kind of patterns, boxes... Then I picked up some of those music theory books, tried to learn some theory, for example intervals...during my free time and they gave me a lot of difficulties, because I didn't always have my guitar ready to play and the theories seemed to disconnect to the pattern. I have had to always try to visualize there is a guitar in front of me, in my head. This is until I found out about emuso PracticeSuite. It has a combination of theory lessons, an interactive guitar, ear training tool, RhythmX for creating a backing track to jam along...everything in one platform. Nothing can beat the real guitar, but if there's anything that can help you learn along the way, it's emuso PracticeSuite."

Tuấn Đinh Anh


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