Exceed you perceived abilities

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Want to improve but don’t know how?

Learned by tab and now stuck?  Think you’ll never understand music theory.  Maybe your technique needs work, our your timekeeping.   Is rhythm tricky?  We’ve all been there and we believe we have something that can really make a difference for you.  We’re convinced we can help you exceed the abilities you think you’re stuck with.

We are trialing our latest software, v3 of emuso/PracticeSuite PRO, before its release, to check if this is the case, and check we’re not kidding ourselves.  So far, so good.  But we need more trialists, to see if you too have that “Aha” moment that we’ve heard from others.

No catch … we’ll swap you a free, permanent license, to this software in exchange for your detailed feedback, good or bad.  You’ll be getting the most innovative software available for helping you improve your guitar playing.

All you have to do is send an email to support@musicincite.buzz (we make emuso) and tell us if you want Windows 10/11 or MacOS 11 up.

Be quick, as places are filling up.  Ignore the trial link at the bottom of the page.  That is for v2, which is selling currently.

Here are a couple of screenshots.  The first shows an interactive virtual guitar, and accompanying toolkit.  Choose a scale or chord and move them around on guitar.  See and hear chords within a scale.  CAGED is a piece of cake.  Learn about note choice.  Practice technique.  And a lot more.


Cloud-based content

Although not the focus of the trial, emuso also comes with an interactive content viewer.  The content is cloud-based, and has a mix of theory lessons, a few technique pactices, and blog.  This can also be viewed in a browser, like Safari or Edge or Firefox.  However, no interactivity is available then.

Here is an example.

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