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Welcome!    We appreciate your subscription to our eMuser Newsletter.   Our goal is to provide emuso/Studio users with the key insights and ideas to better understand emuso.    We provide everything from testimonials to “how-to” videos, tips and techniques to improve your efforts.


Welcome to the eMuser!    My name is Jerry Kramskoy, the founder and inventor of emuso.    I wanted to take a moment of your time to say thank you for obtaining a copy of emuso/Studio.   We hope you have found the platform everything you were looking for and more…    This eNewsletter is designed to provide additional information and support for your ongoing musical journey with emuso.

When you purchase emuso/Studio you get access to a suite of tools that allow you to simply, yet deeply, explore the tools of music (melody, harmony, rhythm). Here is a rundown of the emuso/Studio contents and the free materials that come with it.   In short, we think we’ve got you covered 🙂

emuso/Studio Contents

emuso™ Toolkit

The emuso toolkit lets you create and edit chords and scales, as well as making your own.  This means musical ideas can be tested and captured within emuso. It’s easy to save and share the content you create too. And if your friends or bandmates are using different instruments? No problem. With one keyboard press, you can switch views between interactive virtual instruments, such as guitar, piano or bass.

Take a look at this introductory video to the toolkit


This tool lets you explore Rhythm and timekeeping.  You can set up your own practise regimes to work on your timing and licks or play over chord progressions. What’s more, you can save and share all of the content you create in Rhythm-X.

Here’s a video showing how to put together a practice regime.

An Interactive Lesson Viewer

Emuso lessons present all manner of musical concepts on virtual instruments for you to see, hear, and touch. These lessons can check your understanding and give corrections, should you want.  There are lessons for Hobbyists, Intermediate and Advanced musicians, focusing on guitar initially. With the launch of emuso/Foundry, more will be coming soon!   In addition, you can use the viewer to edit, save, and share content provided with the lessons.   So if you hear something you like, it’s easy to revisit!

Check out an introductory video to the lesson viewer.

Interactive Ear Trainer

Need to build your aural skills? We´ve got you covered. Our Ear Trainer is a very powerful interactive trainer for working on recognizing sounds by ear. It’s actually two separate tools, one for interval-based and tonal centre based ear training, the other for chords.

Here’s a help video for the chord-based ear trainer.

Free Lessons

11 free video lessons are included with emuso/Studio. Among them, you’ll find topics for beginner, intermediate and advanced musicians.  Also, we have emuso eBooks available.

These interactive lessons are designed and taught by emuso founder: Jerry Kramskoy

Look out for more free and paid lessons with the upcoming launch of emuso/Foundry!

A comprehensive Help System

Our help system has lots of great features. Firstly, you can switch on “Help Mode” either by clicking the “?” button or choosing the option from the Help Menu.  Once activated, you can click on a feature of emuso to see a Help video on that topic.  You can turn off this feature at any time. Simply press the “?” button again.

Take a look at this video explaining this feature in detail.

Secondly, we have user guides both in written and video formats.


Emuso/Studio license holders can log in to our special access website area. Here you will find a blog where you can leave comments or questions about lessons, or make suggestions. Watch out for the upcoming launch of emuso/Community too!

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We highly recommend you take the time to go through all the emuso videos.  They are designed to help you learn the system, its navigation, and support built into the platform.

  1. Start with “Taking the Lesson Tour” (video) on the Log-In Page
  2. Click on “Getting Started” (video) on the Home page
  3. Click on “Let’s Get Going” – – Click – “Short Video Tour” (video)
  4. Click on HELP button at the top – – Click – “Working with the Help System” (video)

This should get you started!  There are multiple lessons under (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) sections.

This demonstrates an interactive lesson for building chord progressions