The Building Blocks of Music – music theory with emuso

emuso’s approach to explaining music theory is a little different than anything you may have come across before. We won’t be asking you to read musical notes. Instead, through Natural Learning, we want you to understand about the fundamental building blocks of music.

This video discusses how music is put together, in particular how the sounds made depend on the “musical distances” between the notes involved. These building blocks are known as intervals, and will be your starting point. We will cover them in more detail in the beginner lessons. For now, just listen to the sounds, and watch what happens on the “instrument” you see.

We believe that by focusing on intervals you can start to produce musical ideas very soon after your first lesson, without needing to learn the names of musical notes or where to find these on an instrument.  By using the “instruments” that emuso provides, you can learn the basics of music theory, start getting creative and later on transfer your understanding to your instrument. Your musical journey starts here.

Watch this video to discover a whole new way of understanding music.

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