Martin Goulding

Photo of Martin Goulding holding its red Ibanez

Martin Goulding

Head of Guitar at Dime Online
Senior Tutor at ICMP (The Guitar Institute) London
Columnist for Guitar Techniques Magazine

One of the things that drew me towards emuso is the innovative user interface which makes learning and exploring musical ideas fun and accessible. With each interval in the scale assigned to a colour, it becomes easy to visualise how chords, scales and arpeggios are constructed on the fretboard, with the ability to scroll through the different scale positions or chord inversions providing an invaluable resource for guitar students.

With a comprehensive library of scales, arpeggios and chords instantly available, emuso also encourages you to build your own chord voicings, intervallic clusters and scale patterns and comes complete with a range of features for helping you to shape your ideas.

From improving your visual and aural recognition of the intervals which make up a scale to creating rhythmic and melodic patterns all the way to composing your own multi track arrangements, emuso is the complete software solution for the aspiring guitarist. It gives you all the help you need.



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