Is the content interactive?

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All blog content can be read in your browser. However, the interactive content will be ignored.  That is, if you click on the eye-ear icon, shown above, nothing happens.

But when you use emuso/PracticeSuite PRO, and click on BLOG or LESSONS, and choose some content, the eye-ear icon will cause interactions to occur, provided the Toolkit is not active.

For example, it may  create a scale or chord on the virtual “guitar” or “piano”, or it may load up a piece of music into RhythmX for you to play, and edit.  Content that appears on “instrument” can be edited and saved off.  The music loaded into Rhythm-X likewise can be edited (you can change the rhythm, tempo, transpose it to another key, loop a section rather than the default that loops the entire piece of music.  You can also change chords or scales that get brought onto the “instrument” during playback (which happens when you use the visual feedback menu on the rhythmX main toolbar to choose an option, and then click on a part on a rhythm track.  The contents of this track appear during playback, and when to pause playback, the most recent contents remain visible.  This can then be edited (e.g. change a chord) and that change written back to the part, using the rhythmX Refine Part toolbar.


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