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Instead of keeping up, music academia are decades behind our understanding of the brain, how we learn, how we respond to music.

Music notation arose from necessity.  It was cutting-edge, there was no recording.  There was no understanding of the inner-workings of the brain then.  Fast forward to the 21st century, and we know much more about how our brain’s process sounds, how we learn, how we memorise, what causes cognitive overload, how best to approach practice.

Steady and constant improvement requires practice.  Practice isn’t just technique.  It’s certainly not copying or reading tab, without understanding the note choices made.  It involves focused practice in several areas: applied music theory for note choice, visualisation, fretboard awareness, chord, scale and lick vocabulary (needed for your genre(s)), rhythm, phrasing, timing, aural recognition.  Advancement builds on foundations, growing mental frameworks.  It’s not a competition. 

Ideally, you need a teacher with much greater skills than your own, who can recognise mistakes, suggest several ways of viewing approaches to improvisation, and guide you in the order of topics to be practiced.

A revolutionary approach to guitar practice and learning music

Emuso/PracticeSuite PRO v3 lets you work on the above areas, alone, or with a teacher. It uses a revolutionary approach for amazing results that you’ll love. This can take your skills to the next level and beyond, all the way to advanced guitarist, if you apply yourself and want that.  V3 isn’t released yet, as we are still trialling until we are happy you are happy!  Gareth Dylan Smith and Evangelos Himonides, Professors of Music and Music Education Technology, are very happy with it.  V3 has been allocated a one hour slot to be presented at a conference on Music Education Technology, held at the University of Hull, this June 2024.  Gareth’s testimonial …

“emuso is uniquely excellent in its combination of intuitive interactivity and applicable music theoretical and listening skills. For guitarists, this is a one-stop shop for many aspects of music learning that can be missed from working with instructional books and in bands. Something to really take your musicianship chops to the next level!”

This was after demo’ing it to Gareth for around an hour and a half. Unofficially, Gareth said emuso was one of the most amazing pieces of music education software he’s ever seen.

Several teachers are also using the v3 trial with the free perpetual licenses they got for their detailed, and much welcomed, feedback using v3.

We strip music concepts back to the core so there’s so much less to learn and remember, compared to learning by notation, note names, or by TAB.  Music is about relationships between sounds, these being intervals.  Much theory can be explained in terms of intervals, either for showing where chords are rooted in a scale, or for showing the make-up of a chord or scale.  So intervals are always visualised, heard, and quickly associated with shapes on interactive instrument (“guitar”, “bass”, “piano”).

You learn using a toolkit and interactive content which include auto-correcting tests taken on the above instruments.  For example, the content may ask you to create a scale and it will check the intervals are correct, and you can ask to see and hear the correct answer if you made a mistake.


Click any image below to enlarge it.  Here’s what PracticeSuite PRO comes with…


Interactive Lessons


Example rhythm lesson


Example scale lesson






Include virtual guitar, virtual bass, virtual piano, with note transfer across instruments.





Scale library provides wide range of scales.  These can be layed out on the fretboard in many ways.  Or create your own scales. Hover mouse over scale note to see/hear tertian/quartal chord rooted at the scale note or pentatonic with tonic at the scale note. Relocate scale anywhere with mouse.






Chord library provides wide range of editable chords or create your own. Relocate chord anywhere with mouse. Hover over chord note with mouse to hear individual note. This helps pick out inner voices when chord is then listened to.




Clock instrument

Visualises theory (scale/chord, scale/scale, and chord/chord relationships)



Ear training






Interactive quick start guides

Emuso takes a little while to learn, as any full-fledged software does.  We provide a series of guides to get you going, the fastest way to familiarise yourself, where you will create a mutlitrack music sketch, that uses chords, scales, Rhythm-X.



Interactive help system


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