Having Fun with Chords

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Here’s  a  video demonstrating a chord book with a difference!

The video demonstrates  how you can  “play” the chords showing on the chord book just by clicking on them and shows how you can experiment with chord progressions.

If you try this chord book out for yourself, be aware that the layout of the chords changes depending how you’ve chosen to view it.  By default, the book fills the main area of emuso.  But the emuso menu (at top left, next to the File menu) …



allows you to  choose to see the book (and lesson content in general) in split screen.  If you choose “Split screen – lesson at left” from that menu, then depending on the width of the left hand window, the chords may get rearranged.  Widen out the left hand window as needed.

Here’s the emusobook  “Beginner Chords” for you to try.  Have fun!

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