emuso release 5th May

snapshot of emuso clock-widget

Hi Guys.

If you have any comments, good or bad, or suggestions for new features, then please leave them below,

Best wishes, The MusicIncite Guys.

New  lesson

There’s a new lesson  inspired by Ed.  It covers major and minor pentatonics, their occurrence embedded in the major scale, and then using substitute major pentatonics against maj7 chords.  This makes use of the pentatonic generator widget, described next.


New features

1/Pentatonic generator: A new widget has been added to let you choose between auto-generation of chords or auto-generation of pentatonics. when you hover over a scale pitch, either on the clock or on the instrument.

This widget can be dragged to wherever you want.

The lower button arrow can be clicked on, to reveal “pentatonic” in a drop down menu.

2/ Clock measuring tool: At the request of Ian, there’s a new feature for enlarging the clock, and visually detecting constructs, such as different chord complexities (triads, sevenths, ninths etc), and major and minor pentatonics, found embedded with scales.  This is the pattern detector, based on the clock.

This widget can be dragged to wherever you want.

Here is a short demonstration video.



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