Exploring intervals using emuso.

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Exploring intervals for fretboard freedom

Emuso makes it amazingly easy to explore intervals (in chords, scales, and by themselves in general).  Check out this video …

The above video mainly shows intervals using semitone counts from some arbitrary note on the fretboard. This is to make is clear what ios really going on. But musicians always use musical terms for intervals, rather than semitiones, and these are covered in the video.

So, if some plays a major chord rooted off G say, then you can use the interval shape of a “major 3rd” (4 semitones) measured from G, to find a great landing note.

Using intervals, and interval shapes, means there is less for the brain to deal with at any point in time, without worrying about every note.  You just need to be able to find a starting note to measure from, and the rest of what you play doesn’t require thinking about note names, when improving.

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