Getting Started


Tom the Novice!  

Welcome to my post!   I am kicking this off to explain, I will be trialing the emuso/PracticeSuite PRO software platform, from a novice perspective.   How can I claim to be a novice?   Well, I did have a couple years of piano lessons, while in grade school, and a year of choir in middle school.    I now bought a guitar in hopes of getting back to music, foolish I know, but I always wanted to learn to play and kick around on a guitar, so at age 50+, it’s never too late….   I hope?  

My guitar, isn’t she a beauty?  

FREE Trial for 14 Days 

So, I went to (https://emuso.buzz/trial) and downloaded my FREE trial.   I am now ready to get started.  My first inclination is to jump right in.   I was never a read the manual kind-of-guy, but after about 5 minutes of looking around and clicking a number of buttons, I found this to be a HUGE mistake!  

Completely LOST!  

So back up and re-start!    I would recommend, highly, to watch the series of videos on the front end to get a better idea of the features, functions and methodology of the platform.   There are a number of guides on the front page to help you get started.  HUGE NOTE: the HELP function built within the system.    

Getting Started 

Here is my suggestion of videos.  The order probably is not as important as just taking the time to watch them all.   This will give you a basic understanding of the software platform.    

Log-In Screen 

  1. Take the Toolkit Tour – – quick overview of the platform and its capabilities. 
  2. Take the Lessons Tour – – information for getting started. 

Emuso Front Door

  1. List of User Guides to got though…
  2. Also some templates to help jump start your use of Rhythm-X

Under Lessons 

  1. Let’s Get Going –   Short Tour Video
  2. Working with the Help System – – find in the drop-down menu under Help. 

I hope this helped your efforts in getting started.   It sure made things a little easier for me, then just jumping in with both feet.   Enjoy your musical journey.   I hope to provide more insights in future posts… 

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