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I use Emuso almost every day.

As a primarily Hard Rock player I never really needed to think about chord extensions above a 9. After I started to really jump into jazz styles I really needed something I could use in front of me to lay out a structure that I like.

Extensions above 9 was a weakness for me but I needed to learn them. I can in a really quick manner layout the fretboard and hear and see what I am thinking. If I want a different flavor I simply can invert the chord. It really is amazing, while at the same time I can look at the arpeggios I want to throw in. Additionally I also use Emuso to refresh on the basics that as musicians we tend to get away from as quick as we can. This keeps me in check and makes me an all around player.

The best part of this software is it is completely interactive. I don’t have to be freezing a video to put it on my guitar when I can do it at my own pace and really absorb the information that I want. Other video learning examples lack the ability to provide feedback short of an email which takes time, and might make it more confusing for a person than anything. This software is responsive and simple to learn while giving you unlimited options to include learning another instrument.

I don’t know of any trainers that offer more than one instrument for the price of one. I can’t see myself ever ditching emuso as it has become a fundamental piece of my practice. It saves you money while giving you feedback with ease.


Tyler Paul

Student of Music

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