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Leveraging His Knowledge & Industry Know-How to Support emuso/Studio’s growth 

December 2020, SURREY, UK – Jon Eno joins the Board of Advisors to help support the launch and growth of emuso/Studio, Music’s Ultimate Help System!   Emuso provides the user the ability to learn, practice, and explore music.    In the areas of melody, harmony, and rhythm, and develop aural recognition, improvisation skills, technique and musical vocabulary.  By taking full advantage of current IT technologies, it shifts the paradigm from traditional music education to natural learning based on music psychology findings.   Giving everyone an equal opportunity to join the global conversation that is music. 

Jon Eno, commented, “Having trialed emuso/Studio and met the MusicIncite team, Hot House Music are now looking at introducing emuso/Studio into our teaching methods.  I am really happy to be involved in the launch and further developments down the road.  I see a true partnership forming allowing us to leverage this new technology for the betterment of musical education for students, ours and elsewhere.   It’s the evolution of music education from traditional to tech-based natural learning.   I look forward to be part of the Board of Advisors as well as supporting their marketing channels and events in the future.”  

Jerry Kramskoy, Inventor and Founder, of emuso/Studio has this to say, “We are extremely happy to have Jon Eno, join us, on our Board of Advisors.    His knowledge and network bring invaluable resources and support.   His 20+ years of experience and expertise provides a wealth of advice to draw on for our launch of emuso/Studio and our additional road-map of products.    Jon has been incredibly supportive, and has also agreed to join our Ambassador Program, speaking engagements and marketing events.   We could not ask for a better friend and colleague for emuso/Studio!”    

If you would like to subscribe for a copy of emuso/Studio please visit our website at https://emuso.buzz/subscription-plans,  we have monthly, semi-annual and annual plans and here is a special discount code for 10% off, thanks to Jon Eno, to the already low introductory price (COMM20).   

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JONATHAN ENO  BEM                                                                                                                

Jon Eno, (45) comes from a family of musicians and educators that includes Brian & Roger Eno (U2 & Roxy Music, David Bowie). Originally from Ripley (Derbyshire), he is now based out of Brittany in France with frequent travel to the U.K. to work with both his company, HHMUSIC LLP (Hot House Music Schools) and as an education expert on a wide variety of boards. As someone who grew up when all “music education was free”, Jon values the support and opportunities he received during his formative years and subsequently uses them as a motivator for working regularly with both public and private sectors including a number of not-for-profit organisations and charities.  

As an alumnus of Huddersfield University, Leeds College of Music, Anglia Ruskin University and the University of Derby, Jon wholeheartedly believes in the power of education to positively change lives and currently dedicates all of his efforts within his role as CEO for the International Award Winning, Hot House Music Schools.  

In 2020, Jon was awarded both the exclusive British Empire Medal (Civil Division) for outstanding services to music education and the APPGJAG Parliamentary Jazz Education Award.  

Jon is a passionate advocate for equality, kindness, safe-guarding and young people. You can connect with him through his Linked In profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathan-eno-bem-464a895a/     

Jon Eno Testimonial – Jon-Eno-Emuso-Testimony-v1 

MUSICINCITE, LIMITED                                                                                 

MusicIncite, Ltd., was founded in 2013, with the vision to empower musical development for all interested in western-culture music and to nurture musical progress in improvisation and composition around the world.  We believe everyone should be equipped to join in the global music conversation without paying a fortune.   Our flagship music software platform is designed for musicians of all levels who want a fast, effective, and transparent way to learn, reference, explore and practice music.   Emuso/Studio™ can be used stand-alone or as a complementary adjunct to traditional music education that employs music notation.  It empowers users to see, hear, and play on-instrument even when their notation-reading skills and instrument knowledge are undeveloped.  The way we naturally learn has guided the innovations in media synchronization and the UX and lesson content design.   For more information visit: https://emuso.buzz. 

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