Practice Makes Perfect!

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Practice Makes Perfect!

We provide professional practice regimes that are great for technique and understanding. Quickly modify these to suit your learning and curiosity.  But don’t stop there.  With a few clicks, challenge yourself on your rhythmic awareness and timekeeping.

Creativity While Saving Time

Unique to emuso, rhythm parts have placeholders for notes and rests.  You then add chords or single notes.   And, you can easily change any of these without recreating the rhythm, which is a massive time saver.  This is a great way to create practice sessions, work on technique, and capture musical ideas.

Create Your Own

Create your own scale sequences, arpeggio patterns, chord progressions, and licks to help your musical journey.

Explore Rhythm & Timekeeping

Using emuso’s rhythm designer (Rhythm/X), you can set up your own practise regimes to work on your timing and licks or play over chord progressions.

Create, Capture & Share

Create practice regimes to share.  Within emuso you can create, capture and share with your friends, bandmates or teacher.

And All at a Remarkably Low Cost…

The cost is less than 1 private lesson a month.  You have 24/7 access to your own tool-set and content. With emuso, you have a very powerful set of tools focused on helping develop your inner musician. Faster than you’d believe possible!  For our subscription plans click the FREE TRIAL button below.

Learn, Practice, Explore or Teach

MusicIncite announces the release of emuso/Studio, a brand new software application for learning, practising, exploring and teaching music for all musicians.  But, emuso does not teach you how to play songs, note for note!  You learn the musical concepts used to put songs together. This means you can explore improvisation and song creation, with less trial and error!

Emuso/Studio minimizes the need for jargon and notation.  This gives you instant access to musical knowledge in a simple, practical form you can integrate into your playing.  In doing so, emuso/Studio gives you access to the most complete musician’s toolkit ever assembled.   Instant chords and scales on tap, the ability to create and store your own practice regimes and explore musical ideas.  Create musical sketches layering tracks in emuso’s rhythm designer (Rhythm/X).  Which you can save and share.  It even lets you move musical constructs from one emuso virtual instrument to another with a single keystroke.

Ideal for musicians of all ages and talents, emuso/Studio integrates everything you will need into one place – the emuso/Studio Toolkit.   Whether you are exploring our musical sketch pad, working out a solo, transposing keys, or translating parts between instruments.  Emuso has all the answers if you have the questions…

But, it gets better…

The emuso/Studio software is being released at Version 1.0, which means we have been through beta and have a complete and stable product.    This is good news for Early Adopters for two reasons.  Firstly, the launch price heavily discounted. Secondly, you get an opportunity to help us shape the platform to better meet your needs.

About Us

MusicIncite, Ltd. is a self-funded, start-up company in the music education space.   It has developed emuso™ from the ground up over the past few years. MusicIncite is a company founded and run by musicians, for musicians. Our vision is to simplify and empower musical development and nurture musical progress around the world. We believe that everyone should be equipped to join in the global conversation that is music. Our goal is to enjoy a relationship with our clients based on world-beating products and first-in-class customer service.

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