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Get Your Point Across

Emuso is great for demonstrating chords, scales, and practice patterns on-screen.   As well as pointing out the musical relationships of theory.  This can help students who find it hard looking at your hands to pick up these shapes.

Creating New Content

Save a lot of time creating new content quickly to share with your students.  Once created, it can be easily tailored to each student’s specific needs.  No more photocopying or writing things out by hand.

World-Class Music Help System

Chords are accessible by type and placed where needed on-instrument by click and drag.  Inversions, alternate voicings, and fingerings are all just a click or two away.  Scales can also be seen on-instrument, exploring across the fretboard or keyboard for familiarity.  Their patterns (arpeggios, sequences) chosen from a scale can be inverted from a 2nd to a 7th, with emuso generating the appropriate actual intervals. Transferring to Rhythm/X with one click.

Assign, Share & Score

With its ability to store music constructs and music tracks, as snippets and snappets.   Emuso/Studio is ideal for sharing work between students and teachers.   This provides a lot of flexibility assembling lesson content.

Multi-Instrument Exploration

Emuso has a unique ‘translate’ capability, which allows you to explore and play a concept, say, on piano and then to illustrate it on any other supported emuso instrument, such as a guitar.

Rhythm Designer Tool

With emuso’s rhythm designer (Rhythm/X), you can set up your own practise regimes for students to work on their timing and licks or play over chord progressions and more.  You choose (by mouse selection) what set of notes you want on-instrument and transfer them into a track template with one click.

Emuso/Studio builds students’ competence and confidence – fast!

And All at a Remarkably Low Cost…

The cost is less than 1 private lesson a month.  You have a very powerful set of tools that can help get your point across if students struggle to see what your hands are doing, save you a lot of time, and let you build a library of reusable interactive content that’s easily customizable.  For our subscription plans click the FREE TRIAL button below.

Motivate Students

Emuso/Studio simplifies and minimizes learning effort while speeding up the time it takes to learn. It does so by using a simple-to-understand visual language to represent the elements of music: scales, chords, intervals, and/or the understanding of musical time (rhythm).  This leads to rapid fretboard or keyboard familiarity, without requiring you to learn music notation, or even note names, initially.   But, Emuso does not teach you how to play songs, note for note!  You learn the musical concepts used to put songs together.   This means you can explore improvisation and song creation, with less trial and error!

Explore Rhythm & Timekeeping

With emuso’s rhythm designer (Rhythm/X), you can set up your own practise regimes for students to work on their timing and licks or play over chord progressions. You can use Rhythm/X as a sketchpad to capture and arrange your own musical ideas. What’s more, you can share all of this with your pupils and colleagues.

But, it gets better…

The emuso/Studio software is being released at Version 1.0, which means we have been through beta and have a complete and stable product.    This is good news for Early Adopters for two reasons.  Firstly, the launch price heavily discounted. Secondly, you get an opportunity to help us shape the platform to better meet your and your student’s needs.

About Us

MusicIncite, Ltd. is a self-funded, start-up company in the music education space.   It has developed emuso™ from the ground up over the past few years.   MusicIncite is a company founded and run by musicians, for musicians. Our vision is to empower musical development and nurture musical progress around the world.  We believe that everyone should be equipped to join in the global conversation that is music. Our goal is to enjoy a relationship with our clients based on world-class products and first-in-class customer service.


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